From Confederation, through Westward expansion, two World Wars, and the Constitution’s repatriation, Canada is fuelled by liberty. Our track record of resilience to tyranny and strong moral compass must now again be put to the test. 

The House of Commons is anything but common: No common sense, and few commoners. It’s time to rally around leaders who reject special interest meddling, cronyism, and emotion-based governance. 


Ensuring Local Economic Growth

The job of a Member of Parliament is first and foremost to ensure the prosperity of their constituents. Thereafter, success attracts success.

Modern-day liberals would have you believe that collectivist ideals drive progress. Centuries of human experience have proven, rather, that mankind’s greatest achievements are born from the innovations of the few – who take risks because of the maximum personal liberties afforded to them.

Thank you for allowing me to present myself, my ideas, and the mission I have for RDN.
Let's inspire prosperity and unity together, across Canada.

Keeyan Ravanshid, PPC Candidate for Rivière-du-Nord
44th Canadian General Election

Voting Your Conscience Is The Only Conscionable Choice.

Campaign Updates

Find out what we're doing to prepare for success on Election Day - September 20, 2021.

150th Poster Up!


The goal of the proposed ordinance is to create safe venues for customers and to discourage illegal activities. The governing officials of... Read More → 150th Poster Up!

Keeyan Expands Social Media Presence


Keeyan has updated his campaign social media profiles.... Read More → Keeyan Expands Social Media Presence

Campaign Itinerary

Everyone is welcome to drop in at any of our events.

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Become a Volunteer!

Beyond helping the campaign, you're helping Canada's democratic process thrive.

We need to speak to as many of our friends, family, and neighbours as possible to spread the word about the PPC’s common sense platform. Volunteers are a critical part of our campaign’s success, and a better Canada tomorrow.

From door-knocking, to flyer distribution, to poster hanging, there are a variety of ways you can help. Calling constituents and helping with infrastructural tasks like advertising or web presence management is also a vital area of support. Get in touch, and we’ll get to work, together.

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