On Sunday, September 12th, I headed out with my family and put up the 150th campaign poster in Ste-Sophie.

Although the very short election runway of 37 days – the minimum campaign period permitted by law in the Canada Elections Act – was a bit of a challenge for us, given the need to order campaign materials, organize volunteers, etc, I’m still proud of my small team for having put together enough of an effort to put 150 campaign posters up around our entire riding.

Here are some photos of them below.

Sainte-Sophie, Sainte-Hippolyte, Saint-Jérôme et Prévost

While we don’t have 3000+ posters like the MP incumbent candidate… I think purple suits Rivière-du-Nord.

Many people have been asking me how they can help with our campaign posters and posting them up –

In fact, to help us cover the astronomical cost of these posters, chipping in 20$ would be greatly appreciated. We will send you a tax receipt – so the donation only costs you 5$.

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