Unfortunately, Freedom
is not free.

Help us usher in a new era of transparent and accountable government in Canada.

Every single day that I represent you, I promise to honour the values of RESPONSIBILITY, EQUITY, RESPECT, and FREEDOM.

To spread our message of compassionate leadership throughout the country, we need to remain politically competitive and get in front of as many Canadians as possible. To do this, I humbly ask for your financial support.


Where do your donations go?

Your donations go to help the campaign in Rivière-du-Nord. We compete with parties that spend more than 100 000$ per election, each!

Our objective is simply to raise 10% of that amount. 10 000$ is all we need to succeed in our riding.

Your help is instrumental: advertising, campaign posters, flyers and events are all expensive to produce and organize. Thanks to our volunteers, many resources can be provided as in-kind donations. However, to advertise and have materials printed, we need to pay market rates.

100 posters, for example, costs more than 1500$ ! Any unspent donations will be remitted to the Rivière-du-Nord PPC Electoral District Association after the election.

Tax Receipts:

You will receive a tax receipt for every donation you make. Up to 75% of your donation is completely refundable!

In-Kind Donations:

Do you have a service or product you can donate to the campaign? That is also tax-deductible?

Recurring Donations:

If you wish to make a smaller donation, like 10$ per month, that is also possible.

Make a Donation

You can specify a custom amount to donate. All transactions are secure, and you will receive a tax receipt for your donation within 30 days.

A 100$ donation only costs you 100$ after receipt of your tax credit! A 50$ donation costs only 12.50$ !