As many Canadians know – this year’s federal election (Election 44) is providing for one of the shortest campaign runways in our nation’s recent history. In fact, the 37-day period between the drop of the writs, and Election Day on September 20th is the minimum campaign period permitted by law (Elections Act).

Therefore, some logistical challenges have exerted pressures on our campaign, and we haven’t had the chance to keep our various social media channels up-to-date with the rigour that we would have liked.

With that being said, I’ve included links below to our Facebook Page, Instagram account, my Twitter profile and my YouTube channel. Please feel free to follow, comment and share my posts. I look forward to engaging with you virtually.

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I had promised myself – since 2016 in fact – to resist Twitter. It is sort of addicting… However, I finally gave in and created an account a few weeks ago ahead of the election. Give me a shoutout and help me grow my (and our party’s!) following.


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