Peoples Party of Canada Platform

The Peoples Party of Canada is based on common-sense values that everyday Canadians’ have held for decades, and which have led to the prosperity of our nation. While many special-interest driven politicians claim that Canada has no national identity, the PPC believes that Canadians’ down-to-earth approach to life, belief in the value of industry and innovation, and open-mindedness are all markers of our common values, and deserve to be reflected in our politics.

Therefore, the PPC platform is promoting freedom, personal responsibility, fairness, equity and respect. It is inspired by the successes and learning moments contributed to the nation’s collective memory by each and every province. 

In addition, the PPC, unlike other federal political parties, believes that it must strive to adopt positions which are relevant to its role – as a federal political party. Matters of provincial jurisdiction are not necessarily covered in this platform; and candidates are free to adopt personal positions, in line with the party’s core values on those matters. 

And, while unity is important for a political party to succeed – the peoples’ unity is paramount. Thus, members and citizens alike will continue (and are encouraged) to shape the PPC platform for decades to come.

We host weekly discussion groups online to discuss our local platform.

To participate, please visit our resources page.

Our National Platform


The indigenous population of Canada is extremely diversified. It accounts for about 5% of Canada’s population and comprises First Nations, Inuit and Métis. There are more than 600 First Nations communities dispersed across the country. More than half of First Nations Canadians don’t live on reserves.


More than a century and a half after Canada’s founding, Canadians still cannot buy, sell, or work freely within their own country. In order to protect local special interests, provincial governments have adopted all kinds of measures that erect barriers to trade and labour mobility.

A row of a new townhouses in Richmond, British Columbia

Housing has become out of reach for many Canadians, in particular for young families living in big cities. Vancouver and Toronto have become two of the most unaffordable large cities in the world.


The rights of Canadians to freely hold and express beliefs are being eroded at an alarming speed under the Trudeau government. Some of its recent decisions even require that Canadians renounce their most deeply held moral convictions and express opinions they disagree with.


There are only two ways to create more wealth and prosperity: we can either work more or work more efficiently through increased productivity. Investments in R&D, innovation, more efficient production processes, machinery and equipment are critical to improvements in productivity and living standards.


The Canadian Armed Forces has a proud history and is one of the most capable and respected military forces in the world.

Unfortunately, successive Liberal and Conservative governments have largely chosen to forget this proud history. They have starved our military forces of funds, equipment and support, and broken their trust with those who made an exceptional personal commitment to put life and limb at risk in the interests of the nation.


Supply management is a government-imposed cartel that keeps the prices of dairy, poultry, and eggs artificially high through the control of production, the banning of imports, price fixing, and the prevention of competition in the market.


A nation must be based on a sense of belonging, of participating in a common national project, and sharing the same values. It’s only when these sentiments are widely shared that we can develop the trust and common understanding necessary for our society and institutions to function.


The Liberal government is deliberately attempting to erase our borders. Over the past three years, it has done nothing to stop the flow of tens of thousands of asylum seekers illegally crossing our borders. Accepting all these refugees will cost Canadian taxpayers billions of dollars.


The primary aim of Canada’s immigration policy should be to economically benefit Canadians and Canada as a whole. It should not be used to forcibly change the cultural character and social fabric of our country. And it should not put excessive financial burdens on the shoulders of Canadians in the pursuit of humanitarian goals.


Under the influence of radical environmental activists and American left-wing foundations, the Trudeau government has done everything it can to stifle the growth of Canada’s oil industry by preventing it from transporting and selling its products.


The exclusive priority of the government of Canada on the international scene should be to manage our relations with other countries in order to protect and further the interests of Canadians. Unfortunately, that’s not what’s happening.


Healthcare is an exclusive provincial jurisdiction. However, for years the federal government has insisted that the provinces satisfy a series of conditions set in the Canada Health Act in exchange for transfer payments. These conditions discourage innovation. 


Canada’s public finances are in a disastrous state. Under the Trudeau Liberals, spending, deficits, and the national debt are exploding. Justin Trudeau exploited the covid crisis to create a whole series of expensive new programs, and permanently increase the size of government. 


It is an undisputed fact that the world’s climate has always changed and will continue to change. Until twelve thousand years ago, much of Canada was under ice, and it is thanks to natural climate change that we can live here today.


The use of firearms has always been part of Canadian tradition and culture. Today, there are over 2 million hunters, ranchers, trappers, farmers, target shooters, recreational shooters and collectors who possess firearms in our country.

10 Provinces & 3 Territories: One Nation

When it was started in 1957, the equalization program had a noble intention: to ensure that all Canadians have access to a similar level of services from their provincial government, regardless of whether they live in richer or poorer provinces. Equalization was seen as a way to unite the country.

The man showing digital health passport app in mobile phone for travel.

The unprecedented government response to the covid-19 pandemic has had massively negative repercussions on Canadians’ physical and mental health, economic well-being, as well as their rights and freedoms.

Our Local Platform

Our national platform guides the PPC’s 338 candidates in every federal electoral riding – and our values and freedom-first ideology are reflected throughout each and every campaign.

However, to reflect the nuances in each locality which we represent, candidates have a set of riding-specific platform points which they campaign on, based on constituents’ concerns and ideas.

Keeyan has summarized his thoughts on the campaign in Rivière-du-Nord in the video below.

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