If you’d like to show your support for Keeyan’s campaign in Rivière-du-Nord by way of displaying a lawn sign on your property, thank you!


Showing your neighbours, and the community, that a particular candidate and party have support in a riding is one of the best ways to encourage people to research their platform, and get to know the candidate better.


Even more importantly, it reminds them to get out and vote!


For the 2021 electoral campaign, Keeyan’s team has had to rush and get as many posters as possible printed, given the very short (minimum by law!) campaign runway of 34 days. Therefore, we are working with a very limited amount of campaign materials.

Nevertheless, we are prioritizing requests for lawn signs and would love to hand one over to you, if you wish. Please use the form below to request one.


Every lawn sign costs the campaign upwards of 12$ to produce. Every dollar you can contribute helps to offset the cost of lawn signs, and compete with the big dogs. If you can, please chip in.


Request A Lawn Sign
Variation Two of Keeyan's Campaign Posters

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